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Grading and Drainage issues

Correcting grading and drainage issues protects your properties foundation and prevents damage over the lifetime of your most important investment.

We Address & Correct All Drainage and Grading Issues

Our goal is to identify the source of your exterior drainage problem and correct it. Instead of treating the symptoms of drainage issues with sump pumps or interior drains, we address the root cause. All of our solutions address the issues outside your home to prevent the issues inside. From diagnosis to design to installation, we provide a through drainage solution designed for performance, adding value and protecting your property. 

Grading and drainage problems around your yard and home can be a serious problem. Not only does poor yard drainage wreck your landscaping, but it also significantly increases your chance of developing problems with your foundation such as cracks,leaks and mildew buildup that can spread and damage the wood and siding on your property.

Drainage problems can manifest in different ways depending on the particulars of your property, but a few of the most common symptoms of bad drainage and poor grading include:

Puddles and standing water
Wet Basements or crawlspaces
Erosion of property
Constantly soggy grass or flower beds
Foundation leaks and cracking
water pooling around driveways or patio surfaces
Water running toward building foundations

Think standing water on your property isn’t a big deal? You may want to reconsider! Poor drainage can actually create a variety of issues for your landscape and home. The issues range from water in your basement (and subsequent mold and mildew growth) to erosion, mosquitos, and much more.

For problems related to water in your yard, or your basement is leaking or even flooding, the first action we take is to develop a a plan to address any drainage and grading issues. The most common factors that can influence the interior problems are represented by poor downspout design, or a grade that slopes towards the foundation and other landscaping water flow problems on your property.

To avoid water entering your basement, pooling at your foundation, or around patios and driveways you must take care of the slope and contours of your yard. Our team of experts can work on improving the slope, allowing the water to flow away from your foundation. We’ll help you control runoff, eliminate puddling, and all-around resolve your existing drainage issues.


Yunk-Roofing-Remodeling - Drainage and Grading - french-drains

We provide solutions to enhance & protect your property

Downspout Drain Lines Installation
Catch Basins & Channel Drains Installation
PVC Drain Lines
French Drains Installation
Backfill Restoration
Grading & Swales Landscaping
Sod replacement / landscape level corrections
Patios & Walkways edge mulching
Retaining Walls
Gutters & Downspouts repairs and rerouting

Yunk-Roofing-Remodeling - Drainage and Grading - channel drains
Yunk-Roofing-Remodeling - Drainage and Grading - retaining walls
Yunk-Roofing-Remodeling - Drainage and Grading -PVC drain lines
Yunk-Roofing-Remodeling - Drainage and Grading - edge mulching

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